Thursday, August 7, 2014

She's Like a Rainbow

Today is the day. I want to blow this phrase out of the water and never hear it again.

The phrase in question: "pull it off"--in reference to clothing. As in: "Oh girl, I could never pull that off." What does that excuse even mean? 

And that's really all it is: an excuse.

Think of someone you know that wears, as my mother would phrase it, "loud" clothing. Someone who's style you also envy, whether a friend or celebrity or enemy. It seems like this person just has some quality, some right bestowed upon them that allows them to wear "louder" things than you. Brighter, quirkier, more off-the-wall with crazy cuts and fits. Whatever it is that they wear, you admire it, but feel like you couldn't, well, "pull it off" like they can.

Clothing is a tool of expression. It is a statement on the outside of what you think of yourself on the inside. Everyone is a work of art: you are given the brushes and paint to portray on the outside every beautiful color inside you. You paint them with the way that you carry yourself--part of that painting being how you dress. I have said this before: God did not make any ordinary people. None. You are not boring. You should not be stifled, either. This is what keeps you from pursuing you passion or speaking your mind or wearing that kick-ass outfit: insecurity. Insecurity stifles you. It supresses the beautiful, complicated, colorful creature that The Lord has fashioned. How dare you?

That person that came to mind two paragraphs ago is not completely secure or confident in who they are all the time. But they have dug through that insecurity that was hindering them from painting the work of art that they were created to be. Now, digging is a lifelong process--everyone is still digging. But you have to start the process sometime. 
Why not start now?

rainbow photos via pinterest, tumblr, anna-sophia-berger, zimbio, trendsetter