Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Glastonbury: Fashion Week In Tents

     As an un-official fashion "student", if you will, I feel it necessary in my studies to take in inspiration and, well, knowledge, from a variety of sources. Summer provides an excellent opportunity with the many festivals that have sprouted up through the years. Festivals, as I wrote in my Coachella piece, have become an opportunity for everyone to express themselves along with the artists present in the same way international Fashion Weeks have. Festival-goers teach a slightly different lesson than Fashion Week attendees, though. 
     An obvious difference is that a different genre is present. Fashion Week is crisp and glamorous while a festival is loose and comfortable and probably smells like weed. Hand-in-hand with this is the fact that there are different types of people wearing those different types of clothes and these two different venue styles. I would argue that less people get dressed for Bonaroo or Glastonbury with the sole purpose of being photographed by Tommy Ton, but the need to stand out is definitely present in both places. 
     All of that being said, I think that festival attendees teach a lesson of practicality, more so than those at Fashion Week, at least. Those walking around at festivals know that they are going to be sweating profusely, but they throw on a really great sun hat and go for it. 

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