Monday, June 23, 2014

Eyes On: Sky Ferreira

She's gonna be big. I can feel it. You should be in the know about her:
Sky Ferreira.
Born into style and music--her grandmother was Michael Jackson's stylist for, like, 30 years. She had Thanksgiving dinners with the guy.
Took opera lessons for most of her childhood.
Did MySpace videos of original songs, got discovered at, like, 15. 
First EP As If in 2009
Second Ep Ghost in 2011, which included "Everything is Embarassing", heard below
First studio album Night Time, My Time in 2013, with lead single "You're Not the One", heard below
Appeared in Eli Roth's film The Green Inferno
Arrested for possession of heroin and ecstasy 
Currently opening for Miley Cyrus along with Icona Pop on the Bangerz tour

Her music is not completely in my taste, and I don't exactly want to emulate her drug addiction, but she dresses effortlessly and has modeled at a very high level (cough *Yves Saint Laurent* cough).
I frequently look through style pictures of hers to get inspiration in the mornings. She's part menswear/minimalist, part grunge, all free-spirit. I want it all.
And GOSH do I want her hair. 

So, anyways. Take a look, take a listen.
Now you know.

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photos from tumblr and pinterest

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