Tuesday, February 18, 2014


     There's nothing like President's Day sales to celebrate the churning machine that is American capitalism.
     But even though I spent a good portion of my afternoon/evening perusing the mall, I only contributed to the growth of our economy by taking home the February Vogue and an elephant shirt.
The majority of my perusing was spent feeling a bit lost and very unprepared. Why, you might ask? Excellent question.
     I am not prepared for spring. My worries are two-fold:
1. My comfort in life is either having multiple pieces of black clothing on my body, or layering until the shape of my body is no longer recognizable. I fear that neither of these can be undertaken come spring. Yes, fear is the correct word. Creativity seems to be compressed into a one-top, one-bottom, pastel-covered nightmare when the weather warms up. And that gives me the heebie-jeebies.
2. I don't know what I'm going to wear, which stems from the bigger problem: I don't know what anyone is going to wear. The stores are all just taking a wild guess until they receive their actual spring shipments when the weather is actually above freezing. Thus, I am left guessing as well. What if I am wrong, come mid-March? What if pink is the new black, black is the new blue, and blue is the new being-naked? I need to know.

     Thanks to the internet, now I know.
And I would like to share my findings.

     "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to talk about a thing called Spring"
--the real version of that Prince song

*Pictures 1-2: Frieda-Kahlo-esque embroidered shirts are back again, and I'm going to accredit this to Rebecca Minkoff's Spring 2014 RTW collection. Remember?

*Pictures 3-4: I think I am the most excited about this prediction. What are they called? Kimono-cardigans? Kimono-blazers? Kimardigans? Whatever they are, they allow the pleasure of layering without the punishment sweating profusely. It's like rehab for an oversized-cardigan-filled winter.

*Picture 5: Midi skirts are the bomb diggity. They are clawing their way up the popularity ladder in the most polite way possible. Because how can you not be polite when wearing a small, dainty tent?

*Picture 6: Short-sleeved button ups. Who knew? Nevertheless, here they are. And as this picture shows, they have the capability of looking nothing short of precious. Button them all the way up to the tippy-tip-top.

*Picture 7: Speaking of tippy-top. This one probably wont surprise you as much, but some majorly-printed button ups are a must. I don't think they are ever going to leave. I hope they never do.

*Pictures 8-9: Cool pants. I bought some harem (?) pants around Christmas, and it took me at least a month to figure out how to wear them without looking like spring had sprung (ew, I actually just said that). I think that now is the perfect time to bust those suckers out. They are just about everywhere you look, too, in one variation or another.

     I hope that this crash-course helped everyone to start to get over the hump that is the winter-spring transition.
     Best of luck shopping, everyone. Just. Please. Take it easy on the florals.










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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cozy is Key

     I know, I know. Getting dressed when you can see your breath outside is just plain difficult.
     But I keep having to tell myself: layering was designed for times like these!
     Can't decide between a sweatshirt, a sweater, and a button-up? Wear them all, gosh-darn it. And add the absolute softest scarf you can find. It looks like you have spent an hour perfecting the perfect shape. But really you are just about to freeze your pale booty off.
     Something else to remind yourself: the stores are already filing themselves with bubble-gum pink and cotton-candy-puke blue for that month-long season that is fast-approaching. For all that is good and pure in this world--wear your black. Now. You will miss it's gone. (when it's gone. when it's goooooooone, you're gonna miss it when its gone)

     Happy winter, everyone. Stay warm.

{photos from pinterest.com}