Tuesday, November 5, 2013


     Life imitates art. Art is expression, as is fashion, therefore I firmly believe that "fashion", no matter what that funny little word may mean to you, is art. 
     In my daily growing love for Christ, I am realizing how beautiful life is when it is an expression of true love for Him. He was the original creator, and He gave us art and expression in all its forms. If this is true, then why should we not make our life bold with expression, all the while pointing back up at Him, giving Him the glory and credit? Life is magnificent and fleeting, and was given to us to give back to Christ. It pleases Him when we are passionate about gifts He has given us.
     God did not make any boring people or write any boring stories. Be your not boring self. 
     I had an audition for our school musical today. The people that the director will remember are the ones that were bold and different and funny and memorable. Yes, everyone sang on pitch, congrats. But did everyone do their monologue in a spot-on Midwestern-soccer-mom accent? Nope, only one freshmen. And she was awesome. And we will all remember her for her successful mission to stand out. 
     I guess what I'm trying to tell you guys is that beauty is not boring. Expression should be bold--not for attention's sake, but out of gratitude that you were NOT made to be just like everyone else. Thank God for that! He made you to live differently and live for Him. God uses weirdos to do awesome things. So wear whatever the heck you want to wear! 

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