Monday, August 12, 2013

The Perfect Tee

Better late than never, right?
Ah, it feels good to be blogging again.
But I digress...

Back-to-school is upon us all, and because school begs the donning of T-shirts (obviously), here is some help on all of the tee's you need to still be fab, even if you feel drab (anyone else hear the voice of Lizzie McGuire reading that last part?)

1. Concert Tee

Yep, these are here to stay, I'm afraid. Don't feel bad if you don't listen to these guys (though you really should, for your musical mental health and well-rounded-ness).

Forever 21

Brandy Melville
Iron Maiden

The Ramones

 And, obviously...

2. Sassy Tee

Cara Delevingne in Local Heroes

 Kate Spade "Pardon My French", an excellent source for sassy tees

 The queen of sass, Man Repeller

 Local Heroes (again), which is up-and-coming in celebrity sass shirts. This one below was also seen on  the Beibs on several occasions.

3. The Reference Tee

(Bro Tanks are also acceptable in these categories) 

Eleanor Calder in H&M Jaws bro tank

Brandy Melville "You can't sit with us" bro tank

Save Ferris shirt from (I guess it could allude to the band, too...whatever floats your boat...)

4. The Knock-off Tee


 Sincerely Jules' Julie does her own take on a classic...

These are "sassy" and "reference" combined. 

5. The Classic

Never underestimate the power of a plain T paired with the right accoutrements.

From tumblr...

 Collage from Pinterest. Plain T + Statement Necklace = no worries

inks+thread: for those mornings when you had played a soccer game, wrote two papers and studied for a Chem test all the night before and you are just NOT feeling it...

There you have it, ladies and gents. The sneaky way to be comfortable and still on-trend. 
Hope your back-to-school shopping season has enough sass and enough class to get you through the year.
(Get it? Class? Nevermind...)

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