Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Hair Musings

     Yesterday, I had a dilemma. A familiar dilemma. A hair dilemma. I had all the time in the world to fix said hair, but the question was: what on earth do I do with this mess? My hair is straight in the front, which sometimes fools me before I go out into thinking that I don't need to style. But the back gets almost crimped, from the roots to the ends, as I sleep. Yes, it is indeed a mess. But I digress.
   I set out today to get some inspiration, in order to prevent future dilemmas.  And you, lucky ducks that you are, get to share in my inspiration quest! So, without further ado, here is my collection of summer hair tips and tricks:

Beachy Waves
This really is my go-to style. I bought this magical curling wand by Bed Head which allows for a not-so-perfect curl. Look into it, guys.

Sorry, guys. Just dreaming here...
Does this really count as a style, or just a color?
Whatever. It's my blog and I'll dye if I want to. 

Bandana 'Do
I love me some bandanas. I have several different colors, though not in this lovely, classy, gray color. Plus, with the windblown look and aviators, how can you go wrong?

Single Braid
It's a classic.
And again, with the aviators--extra class.

Braided Updo
Going for a more classy look?
Good news for you shorties, too--I've seen this type of look done with almost no hair to speak of. Best of luck!

 Messy Bun/Top Knot
Also a classic. Still put-together without an "I'm really trying very hard to impress you" attitude. 
Side note--isnt this picture cute?

I know this post wasn't quite ground-breaking, but I hoped it helped solve some future dilemmas of yours! Any easy-hair tips you want to share?

None of these pictures are mine, sillies.
[pictures from tumblr, parcboutique.com, pinery.com, longhairstyleshowto.com]

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