Monday, May 27, 2013

This. Is. Sparta.

     My church attire yesterday made me feel like a bit of a gladiator. I'm also learning how to take awkward mirror selfies and not look quite so...awkward. I was never a selfie kind of girl. Snapchat is quite out of my comfort zone. All this to say that I need to recruit a photographer. Or bribe my sister more efficiently into being one for me. Or just not be so awkward. I might need to just do that last one, regardless...

(guess I'll do that thing where I act like my clothes are cool enough to actually care about where they are from)
Purple-lace shirt--American Eagle
Floral skirt--J.Crew
Gladiator sandals--bought out of the back of some nice woman's car. She got these from Italy!! Look at the detailing on the back *swoon*

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