Saturday, May 11, 2013

Style Icon: Molly Ringwald

     Let's just talk about how flawless Molly Ringwald was (is?). I envy her. Only she could pull of such a hair color and cut. She got to hang out with John Hughes, John Cryer, Anthony Michael Hall...shall I go on? Don't even get me started about her style, especially as Andie in Pretty in Pink. I mean, Andie makes all of her fabulous clothes in this movie. I can only imagine what I could dream up if I had the skill and materials to do the same.
     Some days, I feel like channeling Andie/Molly. So, if you see me around wearing a floral vest and a lace Peter Pan collar, you'll know my reasoning. Maybe a big ol' broach, too...excuse me while I hunt through my mother's old jewelry. 

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