Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life is like a Box of Cake pops

     Today was a learning day.

     This weekend, I had it in my mind to make this last week of school as awesome as possible, outfit-wise. But this quickly turned from "I'm gonna wear the greatest stuff ever" to "I'm gonna wear whatever the heck I want to reward myself for actually getting out of my pajama pants". Monday rolled around, producing a soccer camp T-shirt and my trusty blue Vans. Today had the same amount of inspiration (none). But, seeing a look similar to this several times, I took a plain blue T-shirt out of my dad's closet, rolled up my sleeves, and donned my white knockoff converse. Again, possessing no inspiration, simply a desire for comfort and an indifference to looking slightly lesbian-ish. It's the last week of school, gosh-darn-it! I'll wear what I want!

     In a surprising turn of events, I ended up walking out the door looking awfully similar to my dear friend Mr. Horan.
     So, I get home and the shenanigans begin. I wanted to post today, but I realized it is hard to make a normal face and do a normal pose in a picture and not feel uncomfortable. It's also hard to do a great pose and not look like you are the shape and size of an exercise ball. 
     I also decided that I could make cake pops and bring them to school tomorrow, in my new cake pop maker that I had never used before. Also a mistake. Those suckers are annoying, especially to decorate.
     After not getting a good picture and feeling bad about not really posting in a while and making a mess in the kitchen and realizing my hair was not as put-together as I thought it had been all day, I felt a little down. I hate not being good at things. But I realized that this was ridiculous, that you have to start somewhere, whether it's making a blog in hopes of getting somewhere in the fashion industry or making cake pops to celebrate the end of the school year. 
     So, I decided to buck up, freshen up my make up, and take an awkward selfie for my blog, which maybe someday will be seen by millions of devoted followers, but for now is lovely in its own special way.
     Life is like a box of...cakepops. Sometimes you don't have the right materials and your icing ends up dripping down the sides. 
     Do with that simile what you will.

[Niall image from deviantart.net]

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