Thursday, November 14, 2013

Whomp, Here It Is

As of today, the momentous November 14,  shopaholic girls with sad bank accounts and zip codes, too, can feel Parisian for a day. Hop on over to to feast your eyes and thin out your wallet.

Friday, November 8, 2013


     Obviously, what you wear reflects your mood. Today, after reaching for my phone in the dark of 5:50 am to read the email stating that I did not, in fact, get a callback for auditions (see previous post), I promptly decided that today would be a burger joint t-shirt and scarf combo day. That being said, 1, I do not wear t shirts every day, 2, I wear t shirts even when I am in the most joyful of moods, and 3, I find it very important for mental well-being to still appear and feel put-together even with said tshirt on. Yesterday I had some nice French stripes and a scarf going on, but I felt much less "put-together" than I do today. It all comes down to how you carry yourself on any given day. It also has to do with the hair and makeup that we pretend is not important but, in all honesty, really is.

     I'd like to take a minute and reflect on a newly discovered truth that has been revelatory in my life: even the girls that say they "just wake up and go" and have beautiful bed-head curls--ha! They actually do try just like the rest of us. Everyone has a hair routine. Everyone. Now, how your hair naturally dries of course has to do with the cut and the thickness and the texture. But everyone has a hair routine. If you don't, get one. I went the longest time believing that since a certain friend of mind claimed that her beautiful waves were just a product of sleeping, that I, too, did not need a hair regiment in order to obtain such hair. Nope. Not true. It doesn't work that way. So children, always remember:

1. Some people just have to try harder than others to get their desired outcome.
2. Everyone tries harder than you would think. Everyone. Just take my word for it.
3. When in doubt , get a better hair cut. Works wonders. Also take my word for it.

     All of that to say, being put-together is important in shaping how you appear to others and, more importantly, how you view yourself. Confindence really is key.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


     Life imitates art. Art is expression, as is fashion, therefore I firmly believe that "fashion", no matter what that funny little word may mean to you, is art. 
     In my daily growing love for Christ, I am realizing how beautiful life is when it is an expression of true love for Him. He was the original creator, and He gave us art and expression in all its forms. If this is true, then why should we not make our life bold with expression, all the while pointing back up at Him, giving Him the glory and credit? Life is magnificent and fleeting, and was given to us to give back to Christ. It pleases Him when we are passionate about gifts He has given us.
     God did not make any boring people or write any boring stories. Be your not boring self. 
     I had an audition for our school musical today. The people that the director will remember are the ones that were bold and different and funny and memorable. Yes, everyone sang on pitch, congrats. But did everyone do their monologue in a spot-on Midwestern-soccer-mom accent? Nope, only one freshmen. And she was awesome. And we will all remember her for her successful mission to stand out. 
     I guess what I'm trying to tell you guys is that beauty is not boring. Expression should be bold--not for attention's sake, but out of gratitude that you were NOT made to be just like everyone else. Thank God for that! He made you to live differently and live for Him. God uses weirdos to do awesome things. So wear whatever the heck you want to wear! 

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blogging Isn't a Sport

"High school? Bullsh*t. The cafeteria is called the Nutrition Center; people wear their letter jackets even when it's 98 degrees out. And why do they give out letter jackets to marching band? It's not a sport. We all know it."

Well guys, happy weekend! I am here to discuss letter jackets and why I love mine, even though blogging isn't necessarily a sport. If it was, I would sit the bench.

But I digress. 

Need some inspiration on how to sport your very own letter jacket? (get it? Sport? Nevermind...). Thought I would share said inspiration with the lovely public.

I'll be sure to debut my own lovely Forever 21 red letter jacket (red letter. ha) very soon. I wanted to wait to debut untill after I got out of my funk and do it the justice it deserved.

Here's to fall.

// photos via obaz, keep, elfsacks, lovers + friends LA, ethica, stylelovely //

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


     Well, as if an answer to prayer (which, obviously, it was), I am feeling less funk-ish today. Well, tonight anyways. Today basically sucked. I got my iPad taken while looking at shots from the Isabel Marant show instead of doing homework in study hall. Go figure. But my lovely Monday night Bible study with some great girls really centered me. The rest of the night was great.
Contributing Factors:
1. Isaiah 49: 15-16
Can a woman forget her nursing child, 
     that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb?
Even these may forget,
     yet I will not forget you.
Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;
     your walls are continually before me.

How is it possible to feel lonely when He is saying these kinds of things to you?

2. Coffee, duh. Small coffee shops are the best, especially when baristas surprise you with a South African accent and are stunning without being skinny and give you hope for your own self-image.

3. I discovered a new song on the radio. I love it. It'll probably get more famous and become overplayed and I'll get bored with it eventually, but for right now it is probably my new favorite. This happened with Avicii's "Wake Me Up"--I just wanted to tell everyone about it. This song is John Newman's "Love Me Again". It is beautiful and perky and soulful and I love it. Check it out.

4. And lastly, the reason I ran for the computer in order to not lose the inspiration: Anthropologie (isn't this is a "fashion" blog, after all?). The catalog came today. Have you ever seen something so beautiful, you just want to eat it? OK good, me too.
     Here's some highlights:

 Just gonna eat it all.
     Plus this model is gorgeous. Such beautiful and real features, with natural blonde hair. Some people feel worse about themselves upon seeing beautiful people. I am mostly in that category. But on some occasions, seeing beautiful people inspire me to try a bit harder, as well. I definitely had a terrible hair day today, and seeing how hers looks easily styled but still wavy and poofy is definitely a boost. (sensing a theme, here?)
     I am officially ready for orange pants and oxfords and blue lace and autumn.
     Bring it on, life.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sniff Sniff

So here's me, feeling super not inspired and a bit more confused every time I get dressed in the mornings. I'm in a funk. Nothing is inspiring or interesting to me anymore.
I'll be trying to post more in hopes of getting out of this fog.
On the bright side, I smell super great. Happy birthday to me!

She smells of daisies, she smells of daisies
She drives me crazy, she drives me crazy

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.
New year, new grade, New York Fashion Week.
What I'm trying to say is: while I should be writing my summer reading essay, I am on swooning over clothing I will never be able to see, much less afford. #YOLO #NYFW

Nevertheless, here are some looks from my favorite shows, all from day 2.

First up is Rebecca Minkoff, who's Spring 2014 RTW collection was inspired by Latin American culture--cool braided hair and all.

Next is Rag and Bone, which stayed true to its signature urban-cool feel with a dash of the 90s. Loving that peach lip as well.

Last up is Kate Spade New York, which never ceases to amaze.
"Florals for spring? Ground breaking". --Miranda Priestly.
Kidding, really. This collection is wonderfully Kate Spade-esque. Prep-tastic. Retro-diculous. Shall I keep on making up words?

Hang in there, folks. One day we might all wake up in the city that never sleeps. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Free People Back-to-School Inspiration

     Even though it is the hottest time of the year here in the Southeast, every child from ages 5 to 18 is either already roasting in a classroom, or soon will be. I start tomorrow. Bleh.
     So I popped over to the Free People lookbook to find some outfit inspiration that is in dress code (no shortalls, cutoffs, bro tanks, or basically anything cool) but won't leave me sweating like a sinner in church.

     Loose shirts and statement pants are looking like key items. Also some kickin' arm parties might make an appearance.
     The first day of school is undoubtedly one of the most important outfit days of the year---the second day of school is close behind in importance. There must be a delicate balance between not trying and trying really hard. A t-shirt in the first week is a crime, unless dressed up beyond recognition. Remember this delicate balance, young grasshoppers, and your BTS week will be smooth sailing. 

I want to hear all about everyone's debut ensembles! Comment, comment! I will be sure to document mine as well at the end of this week.
Happy syllabus reading!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Perfect Tee

Better late than never, right?
Ah, it feels good to be blogging again.
But I digress...

Back-to-school is upon us all, and because school begs the donning of T-shirts (obviously), here is some help on all of the tee's you need to still be fab, even if you feel drab (anyone else hear the voice of Lizzie McGuire reading that last part?)

1. Concert Tee

Yep, these are here to stay, I'm afraid. Don't feel bad if you don't listen to these guys (though you really should, for your musical mental health and well-rounded-ness).

Forever 21

Brandy Melville
Iron Maiden

The Ramones

 And, obviously...

2. Sassy Tee

Cara Delevingne in Local Heroes

 Kate Spade "Pardon My French", an excellent source for sassy tees

 The queen of sass, Man Repeller

 Local Heroes (again), which is up-and-coming in celebrity sass shirts. This one below was also seen on  the Beibs on several occasions.

3. The Reference Tee

(Bro Tanks are also acceptable in these categories) 

Eleanor Calder in H&M Jaws bro tank

Brandy Melville "You can't sit with us" bro tank

Save Ferris shirt from (I guess it could allude to the band, too...whatever floats your boat...)

4. The Knock-off Tee


 Sincerely Jules' Julie does her own take on a classic...

These are "sassy" and "reference" combined. 

5. The Classic

Never underestimate the power of a plain T paired with the right accoutrements.

From tumblr...

 Collage from Pinterest. Plain T + Statement Necklace = no worries

inks+thread: for those mornings when you had played a soccer game, wrote two papers and studied for a Chem test all the night before and you are just NOT feeling it...

There you have it, ladies and gents. The sneaky way to be comfortable and still on-trend. 
Hope your back-to-school shopping season has enough sass and enough class to get you through the year.
(Get it? Class? Nevermind...)