Thursday, August 7, 2014

She's Like a Rainbow

Today is the day. I want to blow this phrase out of the water and never hear it again.

The phrase in question: "pull it off"--in reference to clothing. As in: "Oh girl, I could never pull that off." What does that excuse even mean? 

And that's really all it is: an excuse.

Think of someone you know that wears, as my mother would phrase it, "loud" clothing. Someone who's style you also envy, whether a friend or celebrity or enemy. It seems like this person just has some quality, some right bestowed upon them that allows them to wear "louder" things than you. Brighter, quirkier, more off-the-wall with crazy cuts and fits. Whatever it is that they wear, you admire it, but feel like you couldn't, well, "pull it off" like they can.

Clothing is a tool of expression. It is a statement on the outside of what you think of yourself on the inside. Everyone is a work of art: you are given the brushes and paint to portray on the outside every beautiful color inside you. You paint them with the way that you carry yourself--part of that painting being how you dress. I have said this before: God did not make any ordinary people. None. You are not boring. You should not be stifled, either. This is what keeps you from pursuing you passion or speaking your mind or wearing that kick-ass outfit: insecurity. Insecurity stifles you. It supresses the beautiful, complicated, colorful creature that The Lord has fashioned. How dare you?

That person that came to mind two paragraphs ago is not completely secure or confident in who they are all the time. But they have dug through that insecurity that was hindering them from painting the work of art that they were created to be. Now, digging is a lifelong process--everyone is still digging. But you have to start the process sometime. 
Why not start now?

rainbow photos via pinterest, tumblr, anna-sophia-berger, zimbio, trendsetter

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Glastonbury: Fashion Week In Tents

     As an un-official fashion "student", if you will, I feel it necessary in my studies to take in inspiration and, well, knowledge, from a variety of sources. Summer provides an excellent opportunity with the many festivals that have sprouted up through the years. Festivals, as I wrote in my Coachella piece, have become an opportunity for everyone to express themselves along with the artists present in the same way international Fashion Weeks have. Festival-goers teach a slightly different lesson than Fashion Week attendees, though. 
     An obvious difference is that a different genre is present. Fashion Week is crisp and glamorous while a festival is loose and comfortable and probably smells like weed. Hand-in-hand with this is the fact that there are different types of people wearing those different types of clothes and these two different venue styles. I would argue that less people get dressed for Bonaroo or Glastonbury with the sole purpose of being photographed by Tommy Ton, but the need to stand out is definitely present in both places. 
     All of that being said, I think that festival attendees teach a lesson of practicality, more so than those at Fashion Week, at least. Those walking around at festivals know that they are going to be sweating profusely, but they throw on a really great sun hat and go for it. 

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eyes On: Alice + Olivia

Behind the scenes from Alice and Olivia Pre-Spring 2015

It sounds like a cute new girl group that'll put out two albums in the next two years and then fade into oblivion. But alas, we said goodbye to Aly and AJ many years ago. No, Alice + Olivia is a contemporary brand created by Stacey Bendet in New York in 2002 and has recently become one of my favorite brands to watch.

Alice + Olivia was formed by Bendet and her college classmate at the University of Pennsylvania, Rebecca Matchett. It was named for Bendet's mother (Olivia) and Matchett's mother (Alice). Bendet wanted to make a trouser "sexy" and "the focus of an outfit", so she created a pair that was slim at the hip, making the legs look longer and giving a slimming effect. Designer Lisa Kline saw them and ordered twenty more for her boutique. The brand was officially launched at Barneys New York in 2002.

I first learned about Alice + Olivia simply from an ad in Vogue that caught my eye. Upon further research, I found that several of my ultimate favorite fashion bloggers wear this brand.

These photos are from their tumblr, which is also really precious and is something you should definitely check out.

The Alice + Olivia Resort 2015 collection contains some of my favorite looks from the brand by far, inspired by the book One Special Summer

All in all, I love this brand because, while it does have a specific feel, it doesn't seem to stick to one specific genre.

So come on, guys. You know you want that matching sunflower jacket and pants.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Eyes On: Sky Ferreira

She's gonna be big. I can feel it. You should be in the know about her:
Sky Ferreira.
Born into style and music--her grandmother was Michael Jackson's stylist for, like, 30 years. She had Thanksgiving dinners with the guy.
Took opera lessons for most of her childhood.
Did MySpace videos of original songs, got discovered at, like, 15. 
First EP As If in 2009
Second Ep Ghost in 2011, which included "Everything is Embarassing", heard below
First studio album Night Time, My Time in 2013, with lead single "You're Not the One", heard below
Appeared in Eli Roth's film The Green Inferno
Arrested for possession of heroin and ecstasy 
Currently opening for Miley Cyrus along with Icona Pop on the Bangerz tour

Her music is not completely in my taste, and I don't exactly want to emulate her drug addiction, but she dresses effortlessly and has modeled at a very high level (cough *Yves Saint Laurent* cough).
I frequently look through style pictures of hers to get inspiration in the mornings. She's part menswear/minimalist, part grunge, all free-spirit. I want it all.
And GOSH do I want her hair. 

So, anyways. Take a look, take a listen.
Now you know.

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photos from tumblr and pinterest

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In Hindsight: CFDA Fashion Awards 2014

If the Met Gala is the prom of the fashion world, the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) awards is the graduation. Just with less crying and awkward pictures with teachers.

Which means that there is probably a lot to learn here. Like how it's definitely ok to walk around covered in Swarovski crystals.

Best Dressed
Because art imitates life and street style imitates designers, so lets play "find the connections".


1. Karlie Kloss in Band of Outsiders. Prime label and she's got the halter-top neck going on which is absolutely everywhere--the 90's are back, and this time its personal.

2. Marion Cotillard in Dior. Hello, peplum and lace. She really looks precious, this was my favorite look of the nights. I don't know who the shoes were by, but they were really working for her.

3.Hanne Gaby Odiele (who is a Belgian model, beeteedubs) was in Band of Outsiders, too. Again, another 90's look with the floral and the short sleeves and the straight silhouette. Also looking precious.

4. Lupita Nyong'o in Suno top and pants. This is the culotte (basic translation: divided skirt), mono-patterned top and bottom, and crop top ideas all thrown into one.

5. Anja Rubik (Polish model) in Stella McCartney jumpsuit. Jumpsuits excite me. They are like classy rompers. For tall people.

     Womenswear Designer of the Year to Joseph Altuzarra for Altuzarra. This guy started his brand in New York 2008 and this is already his second year being honored at the CFDA's. Here are some looks from his Fall/Winter 2014-2015 show for reference.

     Menswear Designer of the Year to Maxwell Osborne & Dao-Yi Chow for Public School. These guys are everywhere, and for good reason. Their collection is walking street style, equally awesome for both menswear and womenswear. Here's some styles from their A/W 2014

     Accessories Designer of the Year to Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen for The Row. Don't you just want to be an Olsen? Their brand is as fabulous as they are. Here are some of their handbags that won them this award
     Fashion Icon to Rihanna. I think she definitely deserved this. But sometimes she is more of a sex icon than a fashion icon, and last night was no different. She had a complete naked dress on, with just a boa covering know. While fashion means standing out and being scandalous means standing out, the degree you reveal yourself does not affect how fashionable you are.

     Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award to Tom Ford. He doesn't pop Molly, he wins awards. He is known as the "straightest gay man" around. Marc Jacobs won this award last year, if that gives you any idea about how much prestige one needs to be honored by it.
     International Award to Raf Simons of Christian Dior. Why we need an international award at an American awards show is beyond me, but Simons has only been creative director at Dior for two years and has already designed things like this dress, so I think we can spare one award for this guy.

If you didn't know, now you know.

On a side note, was I really gone the entire month of May? Rats. Sorry, guys. Exams are done and I am all yours.

Happy summer!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Coachella: You Be You

I've never been farther west than Murfreesboro. So my opinions about what goes on in the desert are definitely not as valid as those of, say, a cactus. Nevertheless, the rock that I live under has a wi-fi connection, so I know a general idea of what goes on in Indio, California, and can read what countless internet personalities think about such goings-on.
So, here we go. Here are my thoughts about Coachella, told with only a hint of jealousy (I mean, did you see the lineup this year?!)

*steps upon soapbox* *tests megaphone*

1. Don't go because it's the social thing to do.
Really, don't do anything because its the cool thing to do. Ever. Nope. Back up that
 truck and think about why you are doing something. If the only reason you can muster is that you would feel your social credibility crumbling like dust in the wind if you didn't show your painted-and-bejeweled face at this event, think a little harder about life. And then find another reason to go because those tickets are CoacHELLA expensive and not to be wasted.

2. When you go, dress how you want. 
Whether we approve of this fact or not, Coachella has become half music festival, half fashion show. So, take this opportunity to dress cool. Like, really really cool. When are you ever going to have the chance to wear a floor-length crochet dress over a whole separate outfit in real life? I don't think you'll get the job wearing that, or impress your boyfriend's parents while wearing that, but you can sure as heck bask in the glory of Cage the Elephant wearing that. Which brings me to my third rant point.

3. Love the music in spite of everyone else.
Like what you like, dislike what you don't, and don't pretend that you've heard of every minor band that plays because I will call bullcrap before you can say "genre-bending indie breakout artist". I would really love to write an entire rant/post about music taste and how it has become so tainted because of some genres' social connotations, but that is another soapbox for another day. I will say this though: don't wish for a lifestyle and pick bands as the background music for that lifestyle. Don't like or dislike music because someone else has decided what is cool to think. Don't do anything because its the cool thing to do. Sensing a theme here?

So, what have we learned today?
Yes, thats right.

U. B. U.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fashion Existentialism

Yo, I liked my outfit today, and it's been a while since you all have seen my self-timer skills, so here you go.
First: the real pictures. The most normal ones I managed to take, anyways.

     I got this dress at a precious consignment store on spring break (it has POCKETS), shirt from Urban Outfitters, and necklace from Forever 21. I like to explore all sides of the spectrum, clearly.
     I've noticed something new (finally-- I was getting bored) in the layering world. Items with sleeves under items without sleeves. Granted, this isn't "new". I remember seeing Ashley Tisdale on The Suite Life do a red tank top over a different-red short sleeved T-shirt, circa 2008, and I tried, like, three times to replicate it, to no avail. 
     Which begs the question: Is anything ever really "new" in the fashion world? I guess everything had to be new at some point, realistically speaking. But seriously. The 90's only took 10 years to come back with their high-waisted and crop-topped glory. But that decade in turn borrowed from the 50's, who also had mom jeans down to a science, as well as the tying-a-knot-on-the-bottom-of-button-down thing. They also had skater skirts out the wazoo, just of the poodle brand. The shift is back, and I'm pretty sure Lily got that idea from Zelda Fitzgerald.
     One could go further. Pretty sure John Wayne had Pharrell's hat. Women stole capris from the pantaloons of the Revolutionary War. Pretty sure Jesus wore Birkenstocks. Where did it all begin?
     Let's go back to the beginning (a very good place to start, so I'm told). In the beginning, God created animal coverings for Adam and Eve. Screwing up human history aside, I bet they looked pretty fierce in their leopard-skin coats. Then they did the whole long robes thing with a rope tied around it. And Birkenstocks, can't forget those. I bet there were kings that slayed in their long purple embroidered robes. Ninjas had that monochrome thing down-pat. The Greeks have credit for the one-shoulder game. They all looked fresh to death in togas. 
     I guess the answer to the "where" question is answered with another question: where didn't fashion begin? Every civilization had their own "thing". And it would appear that the reasons for each of these contributions came out of necessity. Ninjas couldn't be seen. Adam and Eve needed to be covered, and fast. The Greeks has a surplus of bedsheets lying around (I kid, I kid). 
     And that concludes our History of Fashion course. You all get A's. Even though I don't have my teaching license (shh). 
     For extra credit: 5 points on the next test for not laughing at my picture bloopers. Seriously, look at them, they are even better than my real pictures. 

Photobomb level: Squishy, my cat. Yeah, that's her name. No, I hope that isn't prophetic, even though she does hide under my car frequently...
A second too late to pose there, dear.

Not accidental, per say. I was just frazzled. Self timers are hard. 

That's enough of that, now. Everyone have a good week, and I will let you know the next time I put items under items and wear them in public.